Optimal scan time for reproducible GABA measurements

Research Area: Research Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Poster presentation
Authors: Craven, Alexander R.; GrĂ¼ner, Renate; Ersland, Lars; Dwyer, Gerard E.; Brix, Maiken Kirkegaard; Hugdahl, Kenneth
Despite increasing usage of the MegaPRESS GABA-editing MRS sequence for measurement of GABA concentrations in the human brain, optimal values for some basic sequence parameters such as the number of repetitions (hence, scan time) have not been established in literature. The present investigation examines the effects of increasing scan time on reproducibility, leading to a recommendation of 256 averages (13 minutes) as a starting point. Furthermore, an upper limit on scan time to 21 minutes is recommended, whereafter cumulative disturbances begin to outweigh gains in signal quality.