Single-channel Blind Estimation of Arterial Input Function and Tissue Impulse Response in DCE-MRI

Research Area: Research Year: 2012
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Arterial input function - AIF, blind deconvolution, dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging - DCE-MRI, multichannel, perfusion, single channel
Authors: Taxt, T.; Jirik, R.; Rygh, C. B.; GrĂ¼ner, Renate; Bartos, M.; Andersen, E.; Curry, F. R.; Reed, R. K.
Multipass dynamic MRI and pharmacokinetic modeling are used to estimate perfusion parameters of leaky capillaries. Curve fitting and nonblind deconvolution are the established methods to derive the perfusion estimates from the observed arterial input function (AIF) and tissue tracer concentration function. These nonblind methods are sensitive to errors in the AIF, measured in some nearby artery or estimated by multichannel blind deconvolution. Here, a single-channel blind deconvolution algorithm is presented, which only uses a single tissue tracer concentration function to estimate the corresponding AIF and tissue impulse response function. That way, many errors affecting these functions are reduced. The validity of the algorithm is supported by simulations and tests on real data from mouse. The corresponding nonblind and multichannel methods are also presented.
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