Interview with professor Kenneth Hugdahl
Bergen fMRI Group leader professor Kenneth Hugdahl gave an interview for Live Science.                                
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Study: Schizophrenia's Hallucinated Voices Drown Out Real Ones.


The Bergen fMRI Group marked as "excellent"

The Bergen fMRI Group received the highest score "Excellent" in the recent evaluation of Biology, Medicine and Health Research in Norway done by an International Evaluation Panel.
Only three of 51 research groups in Psychiatry and Psychology received a score of "Excellence". We quote from the evaluation report: "This is a very strong group whose work is internationally well known and highly respected" (p. 23).
Full report available from The Research Council of Norway.

App iDichotic released          

Bergen fMRI Group developed an iPhone/iPod touch app iDichotic which is now available for download in iTunes. The app is based on the standard consonant-vowel dichotic listening test used in research and neuropsychological assessment for decades. You can test your language laterality and auditory attention abilites and take part in this unique field experiment.

Find more information on

Take a look at iDichotic in iTunes.


Quotation in the New York Times

Bergen fMRI Group member Tom Eichele is quoted in the New York Times commenting brain markers of routine errors.    



Film on YouTube

The film "Bergen fMRI Group- the birth of a research group" is now uploaded to YouTube.


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