Associate professor Kristiina Kompus gave an interview about hallucinations in a neurological patient to the BBC. Click on the picture below to read the article.


Professor Karsten Specht recieved a ToppForsk grant from the Research Council of Norway for his project
When default is not default: Solutions to the replication crisis and beyond"



Heike Eichele successfully defended her PhD thesis for the doctoral degree on Friday August 25. 2017.

"Electrophysiological Correlates of Performance Monitoring in Children with Tourette Syndrome. A developmental perspective"

Acting as Faculty Opponents were Professor Georgina Jackson, University of Nottingham, Associate professor Bernhard Weidle, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Associate professor Janne Grønli, University of Bergen.

Photo: Tom Eichele


Members of the fMRI-group are doing an online survey about different perceptions of the world. As it is an epidemiological survey across Norway it is in norwegian. Please contribute to more knowledge about this topic and share it with your friends. 

The survey will take about 15-35 minutes to complete. Take part in the survey here.

Please do also visit the facebook-event and pages.



Associate professor Kristiina Kompus gave an interview about auditory perception and voice-hearing to The Guardian weekly science podcast (July 19). Click on the picture below to listen to the podcast.

Photo: University of Bergen

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